Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to save money when vacationing with your spouse.

Hello all, I am currently on the road headed to Las Vegas for an official Honeymoon with my baby. Since this is my second marriage we both already have kids from our first marriages and don't always get time alone.

Now if you're like us and you have realized that money doesn't grow on tree's then you need to be able to save and cut cost wherever you can. (If you do know of a tree that money grows on then please let me know lol)

Anyway one of my newest books coming out is How to save money when Vacationing. This will come in 3 different series.... One on Vacationing with your spouse, your family, and a friend. However I have a few  tips to give you now so you don't have to wait for the books.


3 Tips to help you save money when vacationing with your spouse 

Tip 1

Share your food. Your mother always told you to share and that rule applies perfectly here. Most of the time the servings are too big anyway and you can't finish it. Order one entree and get an extra plate.  Same thing with your drink. Most restaurants now do free refills on their sodas which is why they charge $2 for a soda. One of you gets a water and the other a soda and you can share the soda. When you do this you even have money left over for dessert, which you should also share. This is a great way to not overeat as well.

Tip 2

Use online discount sites for your hotel rooms. Check places like and save tons of money on a room. They even give you the option now to pay when you check in. Also keep checking back as your date gets closer and see if the price went down any. Hotels do not want empty rooms so they would rather get something then nothing.

Tip 3 

Travel during the week if possible. Everything is cheaper and easier to find for a great price. Instead of taking the weekend off and going somewhere, try taking a Tuesday thru Friday trip and save. 

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