Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to save money while visiting Las Vegas!!!


Yes this was my exact thought when my husband and I decided to take a our honeymoon to Las Vegas Nevada AKA Sin City.

Neither one of us had ever been there and we thought this would be an exciting and it was but one thing we did not expect was how much everything was going to cost.

We had tons of friends who told us all these "Tips" to save money when we were there and none of them were true or worked out. It was a big bummer so I decided when I got back I would write a post on this so here we go.

First of all and this is a big one to help you save money is do not plan to buy anything on the strip like food or souvenirs, The strip used to be a great place to go to get all you could eat buffets for $1.99 and stuff like that. Well those days are no more. Food and drinks are very expensive on the strip. However most place off of the strip are greatly priced. My husband and I went to LaLa Pizza where they had a 20 inch pizza for only $18. That's a whole lot of pizza.

We found that shopping at the local store smith was great for food to take back to our condo. We were lucky to have a condo with a full kitchen so we started eating in a lot more. However we did go to some local places like In and Out for a great burger and that saved some money too. Why waste your money on food when you can use it for more fun things...

However one thing you can get one the strip that is really good is a drink.  My husband really wanted on of those big drinks you see everyone walking around with. This was fine until I found out that some places will charge up to $40 for one of those. I am a very practical person when it comes to money and I have to be able to justify what I do buy. That I could not justify..,, However I did find that Fat Tuesday inside the MGM building had a great 42oz drink for only $18 and whoa boy did we both get drunk off of that.

 This is my husband very happy with his drink :)

If your in Vegas and especially if your a Vegas virgin like we were ;) then you may not know what to expect while there. We were both pretty surprised as we have been to Hollywood and we love it there. We thought the strip in Hollywood would be like the one in Vegas and no we were very wrong.In Vegas you will find homeless people sleeping on the strip and tons of people who want money. The street performers will ask you for money and you will get bombarded by people trying to sell you stuff.  They are pushy and can be rude and I have even read that sometime they will pick your pocket. Beware of this because things like can ruin your good time. Just walk fast and say No Thank You ALOT!!!

I had heard that starting this month that you would have to start paying to park on the strip. If you can avoid driving and can walk I would suggest it. However if you need to find a place to park most of the casino have free valet parking and the shopping centers have free parking in their garage. That is the way to go.

Tickets for shows can run you in the hundreds *Eeek* so your best bet is to find a place that has multiple attractions. You can find tons of free and inexpensive things to see in Vegas. The Vegas Sign will cost you nothing to have your picture in front of it so head down there and do that..
The Bellagio has a great conservatory to see. Its simply beautiful. The City Center has a fine art collection that is also free. If you a fan of the show Pawn Stars you can go and check out their building at no charge as well. You can also head over to Treasure Island and see there great pirate show from the strip this will also not cost you anything.

The Sapphire offers some great shows. They are a little spendy on the drinks but the shows are great. They do everything from comedy to magic shows. They are also the worlds largest strip club. You can get a free limo ride to their place if you call ahead. Just make sure you have a way home :)
If you want some good fun and are not a prude then this place is great. They have amazing burlesque shows and female and male strippers. Something for everyone. 

If you looking for a place to stay that is not very much money then check out and if you stay in a casino you will save some good money. 

Whatever your reason for visiting Vegas is just remember to have fun and look for deals.

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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