Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top Ten things that teenage girls do to lose their guys!!!

Hello all you beautiful souls, I have something a little new to bring you today. I have been thinking about this subject a lot lately as I have watched my almost 17 year old son go through many girlfriends.

Now my son is sweet and a gentleman which we have raised him to be. Yes like any teenage boy he can be an ass at times but he has a big heart and a lot of love to give. I have watched many girls come his way who he is crazy about at first only to be totally sick of them within a couple weeks.

Now don't get me wrong these girls have the best intentions at heart, but they either come on too strong or go a little crazy.  Either way at the end of it someone ends up with a broken heart and no one wants that.

Now luckily my son has found an amazing girlfriend and they are very happy together. I adore her and would love to see her experience some adventures with my son such as traveling the world and getting some real culture before they settle down. 

However out of all the girlfriends he has had this one is by far the best. Some of these girls are well nuts. 

Being a teenager is one of hardest times of our lives and you are learning and experiencing so much so fast. It's only natural to make mistakes and come off a little nutty. I have created a list to help teenagers know what not to do in a relationship. Hey any help they can get right?

For you teenagers out there who are thinking " Oh my God what this lame old bitch know about being a teenager."  
Well honey I was a teenager once too and I did some really stupid things and had my heart broken too so take my advice and experience and put it to good use. 
"Oh and it's not nice to call a grown up a bitch LOL "

Top Ten things that teenage girls do to lose their guy!!!

Number 1

Be clingy... Guys hate it when a girl gets too clingy to fast. Remember that he does like you and likes to spend time with you but he also wants to hang with his friends too. It's nothing personal...

Number 2

Accuse them of cheating on you. If you have no proof and you're listening to rumors then you need to remember that those are just rumors. Nothing drives a guy away more than knowing his girlfriend doesn't trust him. Also why should he not cheat when you already think and accuse him of doing so? 

Number 3

Calling and Texting them non stop is extremely annoying. You don't want your boyfriend to be annoyed with you. You want him to see your name on his phone and be excited to hear from you. If he see's that and thinks "Uhh her again" you are doing it too much. 

Number 4

Having your friends ask him questions for you like " Is he mad at you, or How much does he like you" will just drive him crazy. If you want to know that stuff then you should ask him yourself. He will respect you more and will feel more comfortable telling you how he feels verses one of your friends. 

Number 5 

Assuming things are more serious than they are is only going to get you hurt and drive him away. If you have been dating for a week or two don't assume your going to be together forever. You're young you don't need to be thinking about forever right now. Enjoy life and have fun.

Number 6

Putting down his family or friends is a sure fire way to make him say goodbye. Remember his family will there forever and his buddies have been there for him long before you were around and will be long after you as well. 

Number 7 

Getting upset when you don't hear from him constantly. He should not be thinking about you all the time, and  he won't be talking about you 24 hours a day. If he is then you have a stalker situation on your hands. Which means that if you are thinking about him and wanting to be with him 24 hours a day well you may be a stalker. Love is great and very addicting. We all love how we feel when we are in love, and we want more of it, like a drug. However if you don't hear from him all the time it's probably because he is busy doing other things. Stalking his Facebook page to see when he was on, and what he is doing. and then getting upset when he hasn't messaged you will only drive you crazy. It will also drive him crazy if he finds out. Don't devote your entire life to him. If he is busy then you get busy too. Have fun with your girls or call up a cousin you haven't talked to in a while. You will keep yourself occupied, and you will be pleasantly surprised when we calls you. 

Number 8 

Flirting with other guys and trying to make your boyfriend jealous is only going to piss him off.  It will make you look like a whore, and at the end of it he will leave you for someone who only has eyes for him.

Number 9

Thinking you need to be intimate or have sex to get love is STUPID. I am sorry but yes STUPID..I love sex just as much as the next person but I can tell you it won't make a man love you or want to stay with you. Also later when you finally find the right guy you will feel bad that you don't get to give it to just him. This can also make you slutty and no one wants that. 

Number 10

Bugging them... If you are messaging them and telling them you are sorry for bugging them then you need to sit back and think about why you think you are bugging them. How many messages are you sending a day? How many calls or FB messages? If you feel like you're bugging him well you probably are. He will tell you that you aren't because he isn't a douche but you know better than that. If you think he will be bugged then back off and don't send that message. It's probably not urgent. Instead write down all the things you want to tell him, and then tell him all of them when you talk to him.  

Being a teenager is not easy and one of the hardest times you will have in your life, so try and make the best of it. No relationship is worth hurting yourself over. Also if you are being hurt in a relationship then you need to tell someone. Even if you scared. Hell send me a message and I will find the right person to contact for you. Love should never hurt and you are worth so much more then that. 

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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