Friday, June 24, 2016

Top 10 things you should NEVER ask a Gay Man!!!

Hello everyone, After my post yesterday on stereotype of being a lesbian it really got me thinking of how many stereotypes there are for gay men as well.. Then I realized that because they are men that people think they can ask them whatever they want to ask them. They are men, so they should be tough, and hard, and people tend to forget about their feelings. Well that is not true, so here is a list of ten things you should never ask a gay man....

Top 10 things you should NEVER ask a Gay Man!!!

1. Are you the husband or the wife?

Ok not only is this unacceptable but also rude. How would you like it if someone asked you that? You may say well they would know because I am a woman or whatever you are, but the way I see it, is that more times than not in a straight relationship the woman wears the pants in the family. Think before you speak this is a rude question no matter who you are asking.

2. Have you had sex with a woman?

Seriously how is this any of your business or even ok to ask. It's not so don't do it. 

3. Would you like to meet my other gay friend?

I am unfortunately guilty of this one. eek :( I had the best of intentions at heart but when I thought about it later the only thing these two men had in common was that they were gay. I know I would have not been impressed to be set up with his straight friend. Don't plan to fix people up unless you think they should be together. 


4. How did you come out?

This question may seem innocent but to someone who had to go through this, it was not easy for them. This question can be acceptable if you are gay man, and you need advice on how to come out yourself, but even then make sure you let them know why you are asking.

5. What should I wear?

Ok girls this is a total stereotypical thing. You assume that all gay men have great fashion sense. I have a very dear friend who is gay, and he works in construction, and drinks beer, and is a bad ass. He couldn't help me pick out an outfit if my life depended on it.

6. Why are all hot men GAY?

Wow really? First off this is not true and when you ask this it makes it sound like you are saying all gay guys are wasted. It also makes it sound like no straight man could be hot. This is just bad, bad, bad all the way around. Also think about how many gay men do you actually know? It can't be that many if you believe this is true.

7. Are you sure your Gay?

Are you sure your straight? Seriously the nerve some people have. Even now in today's age this is still very hard for a lot of gay men to come to terms with and come out openly about it. If a man tells you he is gay then yes he is sure.

8. Do you want to have a girls night?

This is another stereotypical thing. You assume that because he is gay he is like your next best girlfriend. He is still a man. 

9. Do you want to see my vagina?

Seriously you do know he is gay right? If he is gay I can guarantee he don't want to see that. Keep your clothes on honey.

10. Do you like dressing like a woman?

Umm what? I will never understand this question. Just because he is gay does not mean he wants to wear women's clothes, and if he does, how is that your business? Don't ask stupid questions.

I hope this has been helpful in what not to ask and how to not be a jackass. 

Be respectful and let people be happy. 

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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