Thursday, June 23, 2016

Top Ten Stereotypes that Lesbians Hate!!!

Hello everyone, I decided to write on this topic because I feel like even in this day and age where you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be, there are still a ton of stereotypes out there.

People hate stereotypes and really just wish people who get to know them.

I think that is a great idea.... It's time to evolve people and realize people are just people.

Top Ten Stereotypes that Lesbians Hate!!!

1. Lesbians Hate Men

Hahhaha you don't have to be a lesbian to hate men. Hell most of the women out there who have ever been hurt by a man will hate them.

2. Lesbians are all Butch

This is just stupid that is like saying all men have short hair or all white people wear socks. It's stupid and so not true.

3. They are only lesbians because they have not found the right guy yet

This just goes back to old fashion thinking where men and women should be together and if they were not it must be because something is wrong with them. Get over it....

4. Lesbians like any and all women

Umm WHAT? Wow that is stupid. That would be like saying that because you are strait you like all men. You know you don't and being a lesbian does not change that.

5. Lesbians like Sports

Well if that is the truth then I must be a lesbian. Seriously people get it together. 

6. Lesbians like outdoorsy stuff

Ok all women out there... Do you hear that... If you are a woman who likes to camp or fish or hike, or anything that involves the outdoors then you are a lesbian. Seriously I know many women who love the out doors and many lesbians who would not sleep outside if there life depended on it. LOL

7. It's just a phase

This is not like dying your hair purple. Yes some people do experiment and realize they are straight but hell at least they tried to find out for sure which is more than most people can say.  This picture below cracks me up. 

8. Lesbians recruit women

What is this the Army? The only women who are recruited is women who were closeted lesbians. Stop the stereotyping people. 

9. Lesbians couples are also known as men and woman

Yes in some lesbian relationships one person will have a masculine role and other more feminine. However I have also seen this in straight relationships as well. Think of how many people you know where the woman wear the pants in that relationship? There are many lesbian relationships where there is no form of role they just enjoy being together. 

10. Lesbians have penis envy

Wow men really think highly of themselves. This is totally false. Most lesbians I know are afraid of the penis and want it no where around. Stop thinking you know everything about something you know nothing about. 

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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