Monday, August 29, 2016

Goodbye Gene Wilder... You will be missed...

I was sitting at my desk today contemplating what to write about when my husband walked in and told me the very sad news that Gene Wilder had passed away today.

When you hear something like that it puts a lot of things in perspective. I was sitting here wondering if I should write a post for teenagers on the importance of credit or a post on how to survive as a single parent. After hearing this I decided that my post should about a man who touched the lives of so many, 

Now no I did not know his personally, but when you grow up watching movies that he was in you get a special place in your heart for the actors we feel we know and love. 

I remember I was only a child when John Candy died and I was sitting in class when our teacher told us. I knew I felt so sad because I thought he was so funny but in the same sense I felt stupid. Why should I be sad over someone I didn't even know. As I have gotten older and fallen in love with other actors who have either inspired me or touched my life in some way I realized that it's not stupid to be sad when someone passes away ever. Even if we didn't know them. 
Watching Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka as a child to growing up and watching him and Richard Pryor in Hear No Evil See No Evil, and many many more, put a positive spin on things in life for me. It also made me laugh and made me happy.

I believe when someone starts out in the entertainment field they are looking to make a difference. Everyone of them have a different goal but for the most part they want to bring joy to others by using their special talent. 

Mourning the loss of a celebrity is not silly or stupid it  just shows that achieved what they wanted in life. They brought us joy and happiness. Something we need more of in the world if you ask me. 

Gene Wilder was a funny man who made a difference in the lives of so many people. He will be greatly missed...

For a list of all his movies and more check him out on Imdb