Tuesday, August 9, 2016

McDonald's in North Bend Washington...Yuck!!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well...

Now I don't normally post these kinds of post but I was seriously appalled.

Last week on one of our vacations my family and I stopped off in North Bend Washington. If you have ever been there then you know that it's filled with trees and tons of stores right off the freeway. A strip mall to get what you need and all the fast food places you want. Now this place has become a popular place to stop at if you're driving along I-90 in Washington state, so you will find prices to be higher there than most places. 

Anyway we decided to stop at McDonalds so the kids could get some food and our experience was one I had to share. First off the customer service was shitty. The lady was in a hurry to take our order and not in a good way. The way where you say I would like a cheeseburger with and she interrupts you to ask if that is all. "Yes that was my total order, you must have known by how I said WITH." Seriously.....

Then after we ordered they made us wait to get our cups until all the food was there. This was just plain annoying because I prefer to get my drinks while I wait for the food to come and I have 7 kids so drinks are not a quick thing for me anyhow. 

The food came and my hunky hubby opened up his burger to find it was cold and hard. I think they made it that morning. He then nicely goes up the the lady and explains it was hard. She looked at him and went "oh it's fine" which my husband responded with " Umm no it's hard" she then reaches out and touches the bun with her hand and once again says "oh it's fine." By now my sexy man is not happy and he informs her that even if it was fine before it definitely is not now that she touched it with her bare hand. She reluctantly got him a new hamburger. My son ordered mac sauce on his burger and they gave him some funny sauce that contained onions and tasted like bad fish so he also needed a new sandwich. 

All in all we will not be stopping by this McDonalds again. 

Lots of love all