Monday, August 8, 2016

Three kinds of marriage!!!

I stumbled across this today, ok ok well it was in my inbox from the fabulous leonie. Has been for a couple weeks. I have been behind on my work as there has been so much personal stuff going on in my life. Two family vacations and the talk of us moving and then the loss of two family members. I have felt like I was at my wits ends. Now I am back and plunging forward in my work and trying to organize my thoughts. I read this by David Whyte and it just hit home....

“There are three kinds of marriages.

Your marriage with another, with the people you have committed to love and respect through the big and the bad. Your husband, your children, your friends.

Your marriage with your work. That thing you do that you commit to love and turn up for no matter how hard it is.

Your marriage with yourself, the one you cannot leave.

And all three of these kinds of marriages are equally important. And if we put all our attention on one or two, if we neglect some of those marriages, it is to the detriment of all three marriages.

And what is needed in all three of those marriages is conversation. Presence. Reminding them you care enough to listen and tend to that relationship. Making time for that marriage because it is important to you.”

I sit here and think of how true this is and I hope it helps someone else as much as it's helped me.

Lots of love