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Top 8 MUST KNOW dating tips for Teenagers!!!

Hello everyone, I recently had a birthday. Wahoo, and for my birthday my parents as well as my husband, oldest son, and his girlfriend took me to a delicious dinner at a restaurant. It was very yummy and I had a couple drinks so eventually I got silly.

Anyway I noticed how my son and girlfriend acted on this triple date and I must say I was very impressed by the both of them.

This got me to thinking back to when I was a teenager and was going on dates with boys, and how nervous and how excited I was at the exact same time. I also learned some valuable lessons during this time as in what to do, and what not to do on dates. I figured I would share my information and maybe help some poor teen not make the same mistakes that I did...

Never fear your help is here hahahahhaha!!!!

Top 8 Must Know Dating Tips

#1 Dress Nice...Not Slutty 
When your getting ready for a date no matter where you are going you want to dress for the occasion. If you are going to a rodeo then wear jeans and a cute shirt with a cowboy hat and make it an entire look. If your going to a nice restaurant then dress nice in a pretty dress or skirt. Do not dress slutty... This is a really unattractive quality and no one will take you seriously. You can look pretty without looking slutty. For you guys out there do the same thing. Shower and make you smell good and wear your best outfit. I am not talking about a suit unless you really want to but wear nice clothes and for the love of god smell good. A little cologne can go a long way and it's a good way to get her to want to cuddle. 

#2 No Smelly Food 
This is an important one and it works both ways. LOL let me explain. Picture this... the date is going well and you are having a fabulous time. You see that the menu has your favorite garlic fries on there and you think yum I am getting that... At the same time your date is think WHOA I am not kissing that garlic mouth... Oh NO!!!! You do not want this to happen so when ordering stay away from foods that have garlic or onions or anything smelly....UNLESS!!!! hahaha yes unless the date is going bad and you can't wait for it to end. The last thing you want is a goodnight kiss so in that case ordering some garlicky, oniony food may be the the best bet...

#3 Talk to your date 
Yes this may see a little foreign or nerve wracking but make sure you keep a conversation going with your date. No one likes awkward silence and if your on a double date you don't need to spend the whole time talking to your best friend. You already know them so shut up... If you run out of things to talk about with your date and your trying to think of anything cleaver here are few tips. Ask what kind of music they like, where they grew up, any plans for college, what kind of movies are they interested in. I have a lot more ideas if you need, just shoot me an email at

#4 Don't Talk About your EX!!!
Ok seriously it don't matter how badly you were hurt or screwed over no one wants to spend the evening hearing about the person before them. Even if that person was great and did nice things but it just didn't work out... keep it to yourself. Nothing is more awkward than hearing depressing shit and not knowing how to get passed it. You're trying to start a new relationship. Make it a happy one. 

#5 Put your phone away 
Yes technology is great and our phones are amazing with everything right at our fingertips, but you already know you love your phone so put it away and concentrate on your date. Using your phone to take a picture of yourself is fun as long as both of you are into it. 

#6 Kissing is enough
OK so I am not your parent and so I will not bore you with the safe sex talks or the wait til your married talk because lets face it that is what your parentals are for. However I am going to tell you is being slutty will not get you anywhere. No girls wants a guy who has slept with most of the graduating class and no guy wants a girl who has slept with half of the graduating class. It might sound cliche but not putting our right away can actually be fun. You spend more time getting to know each other and finding out if you really like each other. I am not saying you can't do anything. I am just saying that sometimes kissing is all you need.

#7 Don't be expensive 
Let's face it, food can be spendy and at your age you don't have all the money in the world. Well maybe you have rich parents and so this isn't a problem, but for the rest of you who have very little money you want to make it stretch. When on a date one of the biggest problems that teens face is what should they order. Girls don't want to look like a pig and order a whole rack of ribs that cost $25 but you also don't want to seem like one of those girls who never eats by ordering a dinner salad. The best thing to do is ask your date what they recommend. That way you can look at your menu and see how much they are spending and you can stay in that bracket as well. 

#8 Be Polite
This is the best piece of advice I can give you...Be polite. Say things like thank you and your welcome. Cover your mouth when you cough. Don't make gag noises or faces by your date's choice of food. For God sakes be polite. No one likes an asshole....

I hope this is all very helpful for you....

Enjoy your date and have fun!!!

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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