Monday, September 12, 2016

How do I grow my business?

Yes it is true. Very sad but true. The amazing and wonderful Shining Academy is closing to new members. The good news is you can still sign up by September 30th, 2016.

Click this link to get your membership before it closes.

Here are some reason why you should join....

Let’s get serious for a moment, hon:

Failing at business is surprisingly easy.

It is slipping-on-ice easy.
It is eating-too-much-chocolate easy.
It is easy-easy.
Not surprisingly, lots of people fail at business.
Lots, like 8-in-10 lots in the first five years.
Everyone knows about the high failure rates – in fact if you’re like most business owners, you’ve looked down that bloody scary pit a few times.
Everybody knows that, but people still go into business.
Lots of people go into business, in fact.
What ARE they thinking? Maybe you even, maybe you’re in business.
You odds-defying, heart-on-your-sleeve, courageous dreamer badass YOU!

So… how are you travelling?

If you’re like most heart-centered big dreamers, hippies, creative souls, artists and biz owners I know, your life is based on a calling. A moving force deep in your heart. You want to help. To serve. You’re on a mission.
You’ve prepared. Trained in your field. Learned. Bought books, been to courses.
But…you’re not seeing the results. You’re not getting traction in your business. You’ve only learned about your work. Your craft. Your service. You simply don’t have the clients and funds you need rolling through your business.

I wish

that just studying one thing & “being ourselves” was enough. I really do. I even really thought it was, once.
I thought that if I could just paint well enough, write well enough, put enough of the magic in me on the page, I would be successful.
But in our world, our crafts, our gifts, our capacity for service, just aren’t enough.
In order to be successful, it takes more than just being good at your craft, your soul’s calling.
It takes education + support.

That’s exactly what the
Shining Biz + Life Academy
offers you.

You get SO MUCH amazing support + powerful, inspiring education as an Academy member!
Here’s what our members rave about:
  • 112 inspirational courses (and counting!) for all aspects of Biz, Life, Creativity + Soul, with more added every month.
  • A mastermind of thousands of vibrant women from all around the globe to support you.
  • The 2017 Workbook Collection delivered straight to your door as part of your membership (valued at $150!!!).
  • Monthly Q&A coaching calls with me (worth $1000 + the ONLY way to connect personally + get coaching with me like, EVA!).
  • $2000 worth of tremendous discounts in the Shining Discount Centre, a treasure trove of deals from our favourite healers + suppliers.
  • New workshops delivered live, then added to the training resources at your fingertips!


Sign up now!!!! It will change your life for the better...

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows