Monday, October 3, 2016

Friendship is one of the most important relationships you will ever have!!!

Hello everyone, I have been thinking about relationships a lot lately hahaha, no kidding right... Anyway I got to thinking about friendship and how important it is to maintain healthy and positive friendships with your friends.
I mean let's face it if you are not in a positive relationship then what is the point? It got me thinking about my bestie and the years we have spent great friends but even the hard times when we have taken breaks from each other. Sometimes for a year at a time. I know for me that during that time I am sad and lonely and I miss her like crazy. Which is why eventually we come back to each other. 

My post today is not just about best friends but any friends that you have and how special they are to you. Several years ago I and my bestie took two of our great friends on a weekend trip to Forks Washington and had a blast. We had so much fun that we even wrote a post about it when we got back. I have shared this post with you here. The sad thing about this is we are not all that close anymore. I still talk to Sheryl on occasion and of course follow her and her crazy busy family on facebook and I still adore her to pieces, but we don't hang out much anymore.  Metzi I don't speak to at all. We had a falling out a couple years back and quit talking to each other. This is sad because for the life of me I cant even remember why it is we don't speak. She is an amazing mother and friend and I will be honest when I say how much I miss her. It is nice though to be able to look back on this trip and remember how much fun we had. 

Which is the whole reason for this post. Don't take your friends for granted and assume they will always be there because one day they won't. Go on trips and have fun and share experiences together. You will make some amazing memories together to last a lifetime
OK enough with the heavy let's have some fun and look at some funny pictures from my trip with 3 amazing women. 

Good Times in Twilight Country

A few months back, the two of us, and our two very awesome friends Metzi and Sheryl went on a little road trip to Forks, WA. Yup, that's right. We are Twi-hards. Or Twi-dorks. Or grown women obsessed with sparkly vampires.  Yes, we own it all! We had a wonderful time bonding, and seeing the sights. We all loved the beach at La Push and took way way too many pictures!  

At every shop in Forks, they have Twilight memorabilia everywhere and often some cardboard cutouts of the cast.  At the Forks Visitors Center we actually got to "borrow" Edward and take him out to play a little!  That was some of the most fun we had on the trip!

Amanda steals a kiss!
Kristina and Edward.... pale in the sunlight!
Amanda makes Edward look like he has a tan!
Barbie gets fresh!
Sheryl smiles pretty!
Oh no! Sheryl pushed her luck with the shoulder squeeze!
It's on BITCH!
And we are friends again over a good meal and a few glasses of wine!
One final picture for you Twi-Haters out there! 

Lots of Love
Kaylee Shadows