Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Frustrated at Home!!!!

Hello everyone, Frustrated is the word today for me lol and not so lol....

Here is why I am frustrated, I have mentioned many times that I am the mom of 7 boys all together. 4 of them who live with me and the other 3 we have every other week and half of breaks. We have this deal with my hubbys ex that we split all breaks 50/50 which is awesome, so this last christmas we had the boys from christmas day to the 2nd of January. Then it was time for all the kiddos to go back to school. The 3 boys went back to their moms and our boys went back to school on the 3rd. Then all hell broke lose. We have multiple snow days but worst of all the elementary school that my twins go to flooded horribly.

This means no school for the twins until further notice. The last notice I got was they were hoping for the 18th of January. I am hoping this as well. My kids have been home for a total of 22 days now and mama is going nuts. Frankly so are my boys. They keep asking when they can go back to school because they are bored of being home all the time. My husband and I both work from home so this makes it a good thing that we don't need to get a babysitter but hard to get actual work done. 

Anyway I am hoping that the school gets cleaned up and repaired soon so my kiddos can go back to school. 

Hope your all doing well. 
Lots of love