Sunday, January 15, 2017

Surviving snow days when you work at home!

AHH Snow days they mean so many things to different people. If you a kid and you get a snow day it is AWESOME, because you can stay in and watch tv or go outside and play in the snow and the best part yet you have no school.....

To a parent finding out there is a snow day can be a world of headaches as they have to arrange to either take a day off or find a babysitter they didnt budget for and it can be a real mess.

For the parent who works at home (like me) this can be as equally frustrating, because I too have to either pay for a babysitter that I didn't budget for or figure out how I am going to get any work done with children in the house.

Well I have found if your children are older such as preteen to teenage years you don't have to much of a problem because they are old enough to entertain themselves and are probably just happy there is no school. They will most likely want to lay around and watch tv or play video games or go out and build a kick ass snow fort. This can be to your advantage because you just have to make sure they aren't eating all the food in the house lol. My 14 year old son loves a snow day because he can sleep in and be a lazy teenager on those days.

However I have twin 6 year olds who are a complete different story. Yes they want to go out and play in the snow and enjoy the day off but they also want to hang out with my husband and myself. My husband also works from home. They do the best to understand that mommy and daddy have to get their work done so they need to do stuff like play with their toys or color or play with legos. Legos are a huge hit at our house. I try to explain to them so they realize but it's harder when they are young. My husband and I also sit down with them and make a plan like mommy will work for 2 hours and then we can play or watch a movie together or something like that. It can be frustrating but I think it is also good for kids to realize that mommy and daddy have stuff to do to. We don't say goodbye to them in the morning when they get on the bus and then sit and wait til they get home.

We have had quite the winter storm around here this winter and have already racked up 4 snow days and I live in a town where they hate to take a snow day so 4 is a lot and we are not done yet. I am really looking forward to spring around here LOL.

This is a picture from last week of the school my twins go to on one of our snow days. Eeek

Well I better get back to work while I have a few more minutes. Lots of love to you all

Kaylee Shadows