Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What is in store for Kaylee Shadows in 2017

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing very well. I am over here thinking about how I can not wait until it's spring because the snow and the cold I am done with.

I have done a little bit of changing around here with my branding and business and I am loving the new stuff. I just updates my logo to this.

I even updated my about Kaylee section on my website and it will be shown in my up and coming books.

I decided to really focus myself on relationships and love in my business. Love is huge and we all have relationships. The ones we have with our parents, partners, kids, and most importantly ourselves. I want to focus on helping people with these as well as writing about it. This year I have some really fun stuff coming up from my thrifty traveler books that not only help you vacation on a budget but they help you in different types of relationships. I also have an exciting couples workbook coming out that is designed and wrote my myself and my amazing husband as well as some e courses on weddings and stuff like that. With everything I am doing I have decided to change my title from entrepreneur to love coach. I am super excited by all the changes.

A little back story for those of you who do not know but Kaylee Shadows is actually a pen name of mine. Now the reason I mention this is because I had a convo with my bestie the other day about this. She asked me why I didnt use my real name. This is a great question and there is a couple reason behind it. One of them is for privacy reasons of course but the biggest one was for love. I have wrote a couple other digital books under different genres and different pen names before but when I decided that I wanted to actually make a business of this I knew that I wanted to start fresh. A whole new name for me and my business. I sat down with my husband and we talked about it. I explained to him what I was wanting to do and the kind of business I wanted. It was different than anything else I had ever done. He thought about it and he mentioned the idea of me using the name Kaylee which is his and my middle names combined. I loved this because it was him and me together and our love shows through that. We landed on Shadows because it matches up with his band name of Chaotic Shadows  and that way we always have a piece of each other in our adventures and dreams. I could not have done any of this without him and his support.

In our relationship we make sure to include each other in one way or another. Like he wrote a song for me called Forever that his band performs. I love it because it's sweet but hardcore metal which I prefer. He helps me with my writing and other projects and I am lucky to have him. He is my everything.

OK OK so enough gooey stuff lol, I am super excited to be working on new book and I just took some pictures for the cover of it.

I hope you are all doing well...

Lots of love