Friday, February 10, 2017

Everlasting Love! Does it really exist?

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well...

This subject has been heavy on my heart this week as I lost one of my aunt last week suddenly and I have felt a loss. In many relationships we wonder if there really is everlasting love. Is it possible for two people two people to get married and love each other for the rest of their lives? The divorce rate today is astronomical and just plain sad.

However,  I do have good news...

Yes you can have everlasting love. It is out there and it does exist so do not give up on love.

Last night my amazing hubby and I were watching The Intern which turned out to be a decent movie. This movie is actually pretty funny because we rented it from redbox a year ago when we were in Vegas and forgot to watch it. Forgot all about it until 2 months later when redbox charged us the full amount for the movie. We figure since we owned it now we might as well watch it right? LOL apparently not because we put it on the shelf and finally watched it last night. Luckily it was a pretty good movie. It was a different story and it was a little slow but all in all I liked it. The reason I mention this movie is because the main character is a 70 year old man who lost his wife 3 years ago and was looking for something to keep him occupied. When he spoke of his wife he talked about how he loved her and how great she was. He mentioned how he only had 43 years of marriage to her and that wasn't long enough. It was really touching and I loved how in love he was with his wife.

This brings me to last week when my aunt passed away suddenly. It has been a huge heartache for my family as you can imagine and everyone is still mourning. Then one of my six year old twins came up and asked me "What would Uncle Bob do now that Aunt Sandy is gone?" I was surprised by his question at such a young age but  he explained to me that he didn't know how Uncle Bob would be ok when he was always with Aunt Sandy. The sad thing is I know that Uncle Bob wondered the same thing. He was married to my aunt for 50 years and when asked he will tell you that she was the greatest woman in the world. They did everything together and loved each other so much and even after 50 years they couldn't keep their hands to themselves. It was a real blessing getting to see this kind of love. It is so rare anymore and I am glad I witnessed it.

I think the reason that people have such a hard time finding true love is they are in such a hurry to find it that they don't let things come naturally.  They try to force the relationship to be more then it is and then are shocked when it doesn't work out. What is the big rush people? Do you want it now or do you want it forever?

Patience is virtue...

Lots of Love