Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Top 8 Ways NOT to Break up with Someone!!!

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well and enjoying the new year. I know I am super excited for spring to come. I wrote this post because I keep hearing of all these crazy ways that people end relationships and some of them are truly messed up. Don't be that person...

We have all be there unfortunately. We are in a relationship and we think things are going really well, and then bam it's all over. You are confused and hurt and wondering what you did wrong. Sometimes you are the one who ends the relationship because it's just not working out for you. Whatever the reason behind the breakup everyone needs to realize that they need to be sympathetic of the other person's feelings.

Ok first I will say if you are dating a total douche bag who is cheating on you or beating you then NO they do not deserve to have their feelings spared. The same goes for you guys as well. If you are dating a woman who is a total bitch, and she is cheating on you, and making you feel like your 2 inches tall, or maybe she thinks she should have all the control in the relationship then be done with her. Bye bye bitch lol

However if your relationship is just not working out and it's time to move on then please oh please breakup with that person in the nicest way possible and do not use any of the tips in my list.

Top 8 ways NOT to break up with someone!!!

1.Text Messages

How lame can you be to end a relationship over a text message? I mean seriously. Did this person mean absolutely nothing to you or are you just that much of a chicken shit that you can tell them in person. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

2.E-Mail Messages

This is just as bad as sending a text message. The only time this is ever acceptable is if you have no way to talk them in person. If they are in another country or something like that. 

3.Through a Friend

Ok seriously did you date the friend? If the answer to this is yes then I can't help you. Your a douche!!! If not then don't go to the friend to break up with your partner. They deserve to hear it directly from you. They will go to their friend when it's all over to get comforting. 

4.Through Social Media

This is humiliating to another person and a horrible way for them to find out. Don't be a complete idiot and hurt them more then you are already going to.

5.In Public

I know a lot of people will do this in public because they figure the other person won't cause a scene. The only way this is acceptable is if you are taking your partner to a nice dinner in a restaurant where you can have privacy (in case there are tears), and they can ask questions with no one else hearing. This is not the same as standing outside in front of a bunch of people like your friends and then breaking up with the other person. 

6.On a Post It

Ever since I watched the epiosode of Sex and The City where Burger breaks up with Carrie over a post it, I have been appalled. I remember thinking what a dumb ass, no balls, little bitch. If you think this is actually an OK way to breakup with someone, then I would like you to lift up your hand and slap yourself in the face. You're an idiot. 

7.Become Invisible

This is also a cowardly way to breakup with someone. I have a friend who has had this happen to her more than once and every time she is devastated. She wonders where she went wrong and what happened to this guy. Is he dead or just an ass? They are always just an ass. I can't understand how someone can be such a coward. Don't just become invisible. 

8.Blame the other person

OK yes I get that a lot of time when people break up with someone it's because of the stuff the other one does. However blaming them and making them feel bad about themselves is not good for anyone. Take the high road and blame yourself. 

In the end just realize that at one point you really cared for this person. Maybe your feelings are different now but that does not mean you need to be mean about it.

Good luck

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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