Thursday, February 16, 2017

Top Ten Funny Wedding Pictures

      Hello everyone, I was just looking through my wedding pictures the other day and remembering that day when I was talking to my dearest friend Trish who is also a photographer (and the photographer at my very own wedding) about the different poses I wanted at our wedding. She had a bunch of ideas of course since she has been doing these pictures for a while but Trish is a professional so she was very serious about the process as well as suggesting beautiful pictures for our wedding.  She laughed when I was like "How about a picture of me taking the garter off of the groom?"

          I mentioned this to my best friend Kristina who was also my Maid of Honor and the next thing you knew the entire wedding party was sending me funny picture ideas. We did of course use some of them because let's face it we are all a little crazy like that LOL....

       I thought after seeing all these different pictures that we were obviously not the only ones who were crazy and some of this shit is funny... Which brings me to this post with the top ten funny wedding pictures. Now I do urge you to please enjoy yourself and have fun at your wedding because it is just one day and you will look back on this for years to come. I love the fact that I have amazing romantic wonderful pictures of my husband and I together, but I will never forget the ones I have that make me laugh out loud.

Have fun and congratulations on your up and coming wedding.

Also if your not getting married and just looking for the hell of it then congratulations on being awesome.

Number 1
Haha this cracks me up!!!!
Looks like little muffin there wanted to be part of the wedding too and also more important that the bride didn't forget her thong. 

Number 2
This is one of my favorites where the woman look at the rings in awe and look like they are jealous.
 Lets face it that is what every bride wants on her big day...

Number 3
Of course that picture is even better when the men do it!!!

Number 4
Everyone says that this is the BRIDE'S DAY right?  Well hell let it be the Groom's day too. 

Number 5
AHHH The brother of the bride picture... So many memories...

Number 6
No one means business more than the bridesmaid who is also the Aunt telling the kids to zip it. LOL

Number 7
How about the great family pictures LOL!!!

Number 8
Ahhh Bromance on the wedding day... 

Number 9
OK this is not a wedding picture just an announcement but it totally cracks me up. This will be one happy man.

Number 10
A great picture of the wedding party LOL

Haha I just love funny pictures. Some of these are from my actual wedding courtesy of Trish Hurley with Sublime Snapshots.

Lots of love
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