Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 5 things you should NOT do in the first two weeks of a relationship!

Top 5 things you should NOT do in the first two weeks of a relationship!

Hey everyone, I was watching the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days" which is one of my favorite movies, when it got me to thinking about how people will act in a relationship, and the crazy things that happen in the first two weeks. Those first two weeks can determine if the relationship is actually going somewhere or not. 

The problem is a lot of people get ahead of themselves and put to much force into it, and the next thing you know it's over before it even starts. 

I am here to help you know the Top 5  things not to do in those first 2 weeks. 

#1 Have sex before your ready

Yes, we all love sex and it can be great but it is even better with the right person. Jumping into bed with someone so fast puts a lot of added pressure on any relationship. It adds in emotions that can be mistaken for something that isn't real. You should also never feel pressured to do something your not ready for. If you think the person your dating will bolt if you don't put out then let them bolt. 

#2 Saying I love you

I love is very powerful and special so make sure when you say it you mean it. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying you can't fall in love right away. What I am saying is even if you do fall head over heels in love instantly you don't need to say it instantly. If you have watched "How I met your mother" you have seen Ted tell Robin on their first date that he loved her and it scared her away. It was a long time before she gave him another chance. In reality most people would not give you another chance so keep your love to yourself for a while and make sure you still feel that way two weeks later. 

#3 Don't be clingy

Yes you are happy and super excited for your new relationship and you want to spend every minute of every day with each other. That is perfectly fine and normal to feel this way. However people need space and the more you cling and hold on the more they will pull away. Give them the space they need if you want this relationship to last longer than two weeks. 

#4 Don't Call or text non stop

This goes along with being clingy and is another way to drive a person crazy. Imagine you have just started dating someone and things are fun, and going really good, and at the end of your first date you get a text saying "I had a great time tonight, and I can't wait to do it again, sleep good sexy." You would thrilled and text back something cute, and then go home and go to bed. Now it's the next morning and you check your phone only to see 18 text messages and 10 missed calls from this person you just met. You would freak out and probably not want to talk to them. Right? Now think back to relationships you have had and ask yourself how many times have you done the same thing? Most of us are guilty of this, even me, eek.... This does not mean your crazy or a loser even though it may be coming off that way. It just means you really like this person and want to talk to them. Which is fine but try to see how it looks from the other side before you go sending a bunch of messages. 

#1 Don't assume they are the one

Finding "The One" is the best feeling in the world and we all want to find that person. However it's damn near impossible to know who "The One" is within the first two weeks. Take me for instant I fell in love with my husband at first site and still didnt marry him until almost three years later. I have a great friend who was with her husband for 7 years before they finally got married. Marriage does not need to be rushed and it should be something that you know both of you want before it happens. Sometimes we think we found the one because we want it so bad that we settle for "The One right now" and the not the real one. Give it sometime and relax and have fun all that stuff will come later. 

I hope this helps you in any new relationship you have. Remember this is the fun time and will be something you always look back on and cherish so make it great and don't try to rush to the next step. Enjoy life and as always love each other. 

Lots of love