Monday, April 24, 2017

How to stop the dreaded EX from coming back?

That's right THE EX... The dreaded ex who no matter how long it's been since you broke up, you know they will come back. 

I have been thinking of this topic for weeks now because I just can't seem to wrap my mind around this. 

I have a friend who is amazing but has had her share of bad dates and bad relationships. I mean she has seen it all from the guy who she had an amazing date with and felt some real sparks who never called again and seemed to fall of the face of the earth to the guy who told her he died. LOL yes he told her that. Talk about a wanker.

Any who no matter how many relationships she has had or how badly it ended she just can't seem to shake these guys. 

Her most recent dilemma has been that these guys come back at the worst possible moment. I will give you an example… She dated a guy for 4 years, well more than dated they lived together and were engaged. However, this guy thought that he should be able to have an open relationship because he was a sex addict. All and all you can imagine why this did not work out. She ended the relationship and moved on with her life. Years later he meets a woman he wants to marry and she wants the open relationship but he does not. LOL can we say Karma Bitch!!! The second this happens he calls up my girl and is like "Hey I need to talk to you." She thinks he has seen the light and he is going to apologize for what he put her through. He did that a little but what he wanted was for her to feel sorry for him and then have sex with him on the side. Disgusted she stopped talking to him.

There was another guy who she dated and she liked him because he was a nice guy. but frankly she thought he was boring in bed. He also consistently pushed his religious beliefs on her. She tried to stick it out and even went as far as teaching him some new things in the bedroom so he could be not so boring LOL. In the end he breaks up with her calling her a devil worshipping slut, and everything else. Now he is in a relationship with another woman and still every couple month he message's my girl hinting to get back together. He claims his new girlfriend is boring in bed and she just does not understand him. This is still going on. My friend has resorted to ignoring him. LOL


Then last but not least the guys she loved so much who turned out to be married. This story is kind of sad actually because she met him on a fluke thing and was instantly attracted to him. I don’t know why was because I thought he looked like Shrek but hey to each her own. Anyway she started talking to him and they hooked up a couple times and she really started to fall for him. Only to find out he was married with kids at home. He gave her the typical I am miserable and leaving my wife spiel, and for a while she bought it because she was so in love with him. Eventually she realized that was not going to happen and it wasn’t fair to her or his wife. She ended that, however from time to time he will still message her if his wife is out of town or he is lonely and wants to hook up.


I have to tell you after all these guys I am surprised she isn’t a lesbian by now.

Ahh the poor girl has had it rough and after her last relationship ended so abruptly, she was devastated. That night she heard from all 3 of these guys. It was like they could smell that she was vulnerable. This has made her disgusted to the idea of men and really question if she wants a relationship.

Now I believe that the right guy is out there and she just hasn’t met him yet, but I worry if these 3 losers don’t leave her alone she will never want to try.

The solution to this problem. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE... Hell block their numbers if you need to. Delete them from your social medias. Cut them off completely so they cannot bug you anymore. Men like this, oh wait I am sorry, BOYS like this will never be the men you need them to be so don’t waste your time. You are way too fabulous for this shit...

Lots of love
Kaylee Shadows

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