Friday, September 1, 2017

30 Author Promo for September

Hey everyone, I have made a few changes this month such as I am saying goodbye to my beloved newsletter. I do love it and it is pretty but I feel like for now it is not necessary so I will be sticking to emails only. I might bring this back eventually but for now bye bye.

 Moving on this month I have joined an fun Facebook group called September 30 Author Promo group where basically me and 29 other authors help promote one book. It just started today and so far it is fun so here is hoping this works well.

I have ordered a few things for my office to use during videos and what not so I am looking forward to that. Today I even rearranging and doing some other fun things.

I am working on my newest book Be His Forever and I am hoping to have it finished soon.

As always keep on loving yourselves and each other!!!

Lots of Love Kaylee